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While these visions

This Summer Solstice, Saco’s Two Diamond Art Farm will become the scene of magical revelry!

“While These Visions … (did appear)” is a multi-disciplinary cornucopia of art, dance, music and literature (the title of which will have a familiar ring to Shakespeareophiles)

Two Diamond is hosting and presenting Cilla Vee Life Arts – an Asheville NC based arts organization with a mission of inter-disciplinary collaboration.

CVLA Director Claire Elizabeth Barratt (aka Cilla Vee) has paired regional New England based choreographers with the sculptures of Two Diamond’s Patrick Pierce, sprinkle in some live music and spoken word … and Abracadabra …. Midsummer magic!

Guests will gather in the barn at 7pm for a pre-show reception, then as the sun is setting they will be guided in a merry throng across the land to visit one sculpture at a time. At each stop there will be a dance performance that has been created in response to that particular sculpture.

Tickets are on a sliding scale of $5 - $15 and can be purchased on the door.